The Well

The Story of The Well

Don’t Look at the Other Boats… Look at the Wind and the Water.

A Malick Family is about my great-grandfather who sailed in cat boat races. Apparently, at the “starting line,” he would always have his boat in “left field”–far away from the other boats. When my Dad would be in the boat with him, it would drive Dad crazy. Why wasn’t Pop with the other sail boats? Pop would reply..that Dad should “just wait.” Pop’s advice was not to watch the others but to watch the wind and the water…and darn if he didn’t win…nearly every race.

Although our family tends toward people pleasing and perfectionism—along with the struggles those traits entail, we also have a streak of courage and creativity.

You are the Author of Your Own Life Story

Teaching in rural Lancaster County, PA was as much an education for me as it was my students.  Their lives bore the marks of intergenerational poverty and trauma.  I also witnessed the healing power of words and images to liberate students from their preconceived ideas of what was possible.

The sailboat painting on this page hung in the front of my classroom.  The first day of school students free wrote about their thoughts of the painting and the painter.  After sharing their reflections, I shared the story of the painting.

A student of my grandmother’s painted it for her.  He had cerebral palsy and did not have use of his arms or legs.  He painted it with the paintbrush in his mouth.  As the students gaped, I encouraged them that each of us has within us more resources than we know.

These three stories are vital to the creation of The Well and to how we see all those who chose to work with us.


The Well Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC seeks to heal the world one relationship at a time through rekindling hope, excavating the resources buried within us and our relationships with Self, others, and Higher Power


Integrity — the state of being whole and undivided

What this looks like for you

We help people recognize their Self and their parts and to work together.  We also seek to help couples, families, and communities seek a state of wholeness in working toward a bigger vision or purpose.

Connection — a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.

What this looks like for you

We help you recognize that the sum of the whole is indeed bigger than its parts.  And that includes you.  We believe we are inextricably linked to all of creation and that healing comes through the therapeutic relationship.

Service — the action of helping or doing work for someone.

What this looks like for you

Part of your financial investment helps serve the community through the Well’s donation of time and treasure. Specifically, we are members of the Open Path Collective and offer reduced free services to several clients. We publish a monthly free monthly newsletter with meditations, practices, and resources. We also donate financially to support Arch Street Center, a membership day program for adults living with serious mental illness.