God of blessing and abundance,

We’re so familiar with this world

That your message of blessing catches us by surprise.

We look for the gimmick or the angle.

Surely blessing isn’t with those in poverty;

those poor in spirit;

Those grieving, hungering, humbled.

We desire so much more than this world.

You offer so much more than this world.

Open us to receive this blessing:

Blessing that transforms

How we see this world,


And one another.

Blessing that propels us

To find peace with all that is unsettled.

Blessing that pushes us

To reach for that which seems impossible.

Blessing that frees us

To risk that which seems secure.

Wake us to Your blessing in this place

Open our mouths to proclaim

Your blessing to all we meet.

Not only those within these walls

But those beyond this space.

Empower us to live into

The people you created and called us to be.  Amen.