Couples Counseling

Is Your Relationship Calling 9-1-1?

Is Your Relationship Calling 9-1-1?

The average couples experiences 6 years of distress BEFORE reaching out for help. So if waiting 6 years is too long, just how much distress is enough before you seek support? How do you know when to cry when?

It's the Little Things

Couple Care: You've heard people say--"it's the little things..." There is truth to this. Enhance the emotional climate with these 5 "little things."

If you’d like help developing the “little things” in your relationship, contact me.

Getting Smart about Smartphones in Intimate Relationships

Technology has been a gift in so many ways. It can help you fill your relationship well. It can also deplete it and lead to draught. Here are a few tips for engaging technology in ways to enhance your relationship.

If technology has become the “third person” in your relationship and you desire strategies to help you create boundaries with technology, contact me.