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Stepfamily 101--The Insider Outsider Dynamic

Did you know that according to the US Bureau of Census over 50% of families in the USA are re-coupled or remarriages? In fact 1 out of every three children will spend some or all of their childhood growing up in a stepfamily. Although stepfamilies are common today, not many of us are aware of how the structure and dynamics of stepfamilies and recoupled families are different than first time families.

Is Your Relationship Calling 9-1-1?

Is Your Relationship Calling 9-1-1?

The average couples experiences 6 years of distress BEFORE reaching out for help. So if waiting 6 years is too long, just how much distress is enough before you seek support? How do you know when to cry when?

It's the Little Things

Couple Care: You've heard people say--"it's the little things..." There is truth to this. Enhance the emotional climate with these 5 "little things."

If you’d like help developing the “little things” in your relationship, contact me.