Therapy for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression


You climb in bed at night exhausted. The moment your eyes close and the lights dim your head begins to race. Sleep evades you. If you’re lucky, you get a few restless hours of sleep. You get up the next day and struggle to fully engage the day. Much of your life at work and at home means caring for others. Who cares for you? You judge yourself for even having this question. So many other people out there have life harder than you. If only you could get a good night’s sleep, it would all be better.

If stress leads you to struggle with anxiety or depression, come meet me at The Well to be refreshed and renewed. Engaging in spiritual and psychological practices, I help you to reignite your hope and develop a sustainable self-care plan.

to alleviate your stress, anxiety, and depression, schedule a 15 minute counseling consultation with me.