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You spend so much time considering other people. As a professional helper and healer, your gift of knowing people means you are excellent at anticipating and meeting others’ needs. But what about you? You’ve become so busy meeting others’ needs it’s hard to identify your own let alone ask for what you want or need. You’ve read books, listened to podcasts, and “done the things” but you still have feelings of resentment and irritability. You’ve tried meditation, self-compassion practices, and journaling, but you end up feeling worse. Am I doing this right? You wonder. I try these tools but can’t seem to stick with it. What’s wrong with me? What would people think if they knew?. You try to make self-care a priority but by the end of the day, self-care looks like wine, Netflix, and take-out. Those had been occasional treats, but they’ve become nightly staples. You know something has to change if you’re going to continue to care for others, but you need someone who understands that this takes more than a to-do list.

I help helpers and healers from healthcare workers to teachers to clergy to slow down and become aware of where they are and who they are. Rather than moving right into outward behavior change, we slow down and turn inside to help you begin to accept and support all parts of you. Together we listen for the wisdom in you and your body. Rather than checking things off a list, we collaborate together to explore and experiment with what most speaks to and inspires you.

If you are ready to begin to listen to the still, small voice in you and begin your own healing journey, contact me at 717-966-1210 or email me at [email protected]

Megan Malick, MDiv, MFT, CCTP

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