Offering Online Therapy

Easy and effective therapy from the safety of your home

Nervous about online counseling? Wondering how it works? Believe it or not, online therapy has been found to be equally as effective as in person sessions.

    Do you identify as spiritual but not necessarily religous?

    Are you part of the Millenial, Gen-X, or Gen-Z Generations?

    Have you tried “all the things” but something still isn’t right?

    Do you hear a longing inside of you to live differently but wrestle with clarifying what that difference would be?

    Hi, I’m Megan.  I work with individuals and couples become aware of the parts of themselves, develop acceptance of all of themselves and their context, and discern intentional actions in alignment with body,  mind, and spirit.  Through integrating contextual and relational psychotherapy with contemplative practice such as meditation and breath work, we collaborate to discover how your wise body-mind seeks to heal.  For those interested in specific work between sessions, we explore “home play” as intentional practices or experiments to help you tend and befriend yourself and your close relationships.

    To begin your healing journey and see if this is a fit for your, schedule a 

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    Megan Malick, MDiv, MFT, CCTP

    Megan Malick

    MDiv, MFT, CCTP

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    Schedule a 45 minute
    free Zoom consultation.

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