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Intentional Ceremonies for the Spiritual but Not Necessarily Religious


You’ve been to weddings before that just didn’t seem to fit the couple.   You know you want something more personalized and meaningful.  You don’t know how to begin creating that.  Wedding planning requires so many decisions and so many to-do’s.  It’s so hard to stay connected to one another.  Is it possible to grow your relationship while planning a wedding?

Hi, I’m Megan.  I specialize in co-creating memorable and meaningful wedding ceremonies with spiritual but not necessarily religious couples.  For the last seven years I have walked with hundreds of couples transform the stress of the perfect decision to co-creative embodiment of a wedding that reflects them.  Together we widen the focus to explore how planning your big day can be an amazing launch for your marriage. Let me help you transform planning your wedding into an opportunity to grow in intimacy and connection with one another.

What does co-creating a wedding ceremony look like?

We collaborate to create the ceremony that best reflects you as a couple:   your unique beliefs, practices, and traditions.  There is no additional charge or fee for unity elements, readings, or special moments in your wedding ceremony.  Whether selections from my Wedding Handbook, elements of your own spiritual tradition, or sacred elements you discover, we weave what speaks most profoundly to you both about who you are into one sacred ceremony.  To start the journey of co-creation, contact me.

What are the practical details and the investment?

  • Free 15 minute consultation phone call to answer any further questions 
  • One hour and half Zoom call where we explore your unique couple journey and discover ways and places your wedding ceremony can be a reflection of  each of you and your relationship
  • A free Wedding Handbook to select ceremony elements along with inclusion of your own traditions and ceremony preferences
  • A draft of your wedding ceremony
  • A 30 minute Zoom call to review the wedding ceremony in detail and make any changes
  • Your wedding rehearsal to help you pause and prepare for your your big day
  • A person dedicated to opening and holding sacred space for you and your beloved community at the rehearsal and the day of the wedding
  • A guarantee that you are my only couple on your wedding day.
  • Additional premarital coaching sessions are available.

You invest $600 for both our meetings and your rehearsal and wedding ceremony.  You make a deposit of $150 at our first meeting and the balance is due the day of the ceremony.

Do you work LGBTQIA couples

Yes!  I believe that all people have the right to marry and am grateful that today I cannot only bless a same-sex and non-binary couples but also legally marry them.  i also know that it can be difficult to find affirming vendors. Here is a list of vendors in lancaster, pa who joyfully work with lgbtq couples.

Do you work with couples entering second or third marriages?

Yes!  this is one of my specialties.  I believe recoupled marriages deserve special attention and care.  the second or third marriage family will be different than the first, and i believe preparing for a wedding is the perfect time to begin learning how  family life might be different than what you expect.  whether you will have children in your home or they are grown, stepfamilies face unique challenges that pre-marital work can prepare you not only to face but to grow with and through.


Megan Malick, MDiv, MFT, CCTP

Megan Malick


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