God only knows I haven’t been the easiest person to be around of late.

The to do list is long.

The lament list is lengthy.

The fire in my belly doesn’t want to be tamed.

I’m told that fire can either destroy or cleanse.

I’m praying for the later.

And then

in a most unexpected turn of events

I arrive home from a church meeting.

Soul weary

I enter our sleeping home…

I’m too late to even say good night…

but instead of bitterness

grace and gratitude arrive like the snow that is about to fall.

The cat’s nestled up agains Joe’sbody as they both snore.

Not even my presence stirs them.

My head to toe tension dissolves to the rhythm of that sound.

I tip-toe down the hall to glance at the girls while they slumber.

For this moment all is at peace.

For the first time  in weeks

it is well with my soul.