Grief appears the day of the wedding,

but usually she’s dressed to the nines and sipping cocktails.

If you’re not careful, you won’t catch her.

It’s not that she’s a wallflower.

You can spot her in the reflection of the tears.

She rubs elbows with the parents’ of the couple.

She glides across the ballroom floor.

If you listen carefully, you can hear her deep sighs.

She sighs for the years gone by to quickly–

for the thoughts not said

For the feelings not expressed.

She sighs for myriad of little hurts and headaches–

never addressed

never attended to

never quite healed.

She sighs for the bittersweet taste of marriage–

looking back at the legacy of love

pondering the complexity of love

worrying that so much hope is hung on one day and in one person.