On my way to church yesterday, I drove passed a group of protestors.

The majority of the signs implored, “Pray to end abortion.”

One lone sign declared,

“Save Planned Parenthood.”

All it took was the juxtaposition of those messages, and the tumult I’d felt for two weeks ceased. To me these messages are not dichotomies or polarities.  Certainly, this issue is bigger, deeper, and more complex than politics.  That is my prayer.  That we may stop believing these messages are 100% contradictory.

That we create a world where women’s bodies are viewed as more than objects

That women not feel shamed to share their questions and curiousities about their bodies

That information about women’s reproductive health be available and able to be discussed on a deeper level than biology and a clinical approach

That women and men begin to share the vulnerability and shame that surround unplanned pregnancy

That we seek to ensure children are welcomed, loved, and cared for.

“Yes–both of these.  May abortions end and may Planned Parenthood be saved.”