That six word memoir could be mine.  I suspect it could be many people’s.  Tell me your life story in six words:  Not Quite What I Was Planning.  

Something that struck me this Lent is that this six word memoir could be Jesus’, too.  I imagine the way the story played out was not originally what he planned.  It certainly could be the memoir for all the disciples.  This Jesus.  This Son of God.  This Savior was to free them from Roman oppression not die at the hands of it.  This God-Man was supposed to be a warrior that could rival Jupiter or Zeus.  Not someone who walked toward Jerusalem armed only with prayers and prophetic words.  And yet, that is how the story goes, and if it went any other way, resurrection could not happen.

This Lent I can’t believe the comfort I find in the “not what I was planning” aspect of this memoir.  So much of this past year has not been as I would have planned.  I never in a million years would dream that I would be a step mom b. ordained; c. a book-keeper; and the list goes on.  More than that, if you were to tell me that I would be in a wilderness without a clear career direction and handling health issues, I would assume that I would be devastated.  And yet, I’m not.  It’s as if this wilderness reminds me that gaining life truly does mean taking the risk of losing the old one first.  That God really does show up in the most unexpected ways and places.  And that the Christian life can’t be anything that I would plan.  Where would there be room for Mystery to enter?  How could I possibly preach a story of resurrection if I hadn’t allowed myself to risk?