Have you struggled with feelings of stress or overwhelm in the last week? Are you confused about how to care for your health and practice social distancing? Although you and your family may be home, you are not alone. Thanks to our online capabilities, you have a variety of free online resources to support your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. If you live in Lancaster, PA, there are also resources available to you.  

Virtual Resources for Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health

Insite Timer is a free app that has a variety of tools including guided meditations, body scans, sleep aids, and resources for children.  

Dan Siegel is a clinical psychiatrist who specializes in interpersonal neurobiology. He has a wealth of free resources to support parents and children.

Kristin Neff is a professor of educational psychology. Her site offers a variety of exercises on self-compassion, which is key in growing and sustaining emotional and mental health.

Virtual AA Meetings can be found here.

Broadway from Home will allow you and your family to stream Broadway shows.

Virtual Museum Visits will guide you through 19 museum exhibits.

Virtual Resources for Children and Their Caregivers

Scholastic has free learning activities, lessons, and readings for you to engage with your children.

Jill Lynn is a certified K-6 teacher who offers to support you virtually at this time.

Personal Mastery and Growth Academy has a free course to teach stress reducing techniques.

Virtual Resources for Leaders and Healers

Martha Spong is a pastor and coach. Currently she is hosting free Zoom calls for clergy to assist them in processing and responding to the communities they serve.

Nicole Lewis-Keeber is a clinical social worker and coach. She has been trained in the Daring Way and Daring Leadership by Brene Brown. She is a resource for Daring Leadership.

Lancaster City, PA Resources

The Candy Factory is a coworking space that is offering free virtual coworking and connection.

The Potter Works has pottery and painting supplies to deliver to your home for an at-home craft.

West End Yoga Studio has LIVE stream yoga classes.
Outdoor Spaces in or Near Lancaster

Rails for Trails is a collection of trails for hiking or biking throughout Lancaster County.

Lancaster County Park is in the south end of Lancaster City and has trails, gardens, and open space to explore and enjoy.

Winterthur has sprawling outdoor gardens where you can be in nature.

These are a few resources to support you and your loved ones. We may be physically distancing but you are not alone. If you would like to add to this resource or if you would like support during this time, reach out to me. We are not alone, and we are stronger together.