We come to You seeking answers:
And so often You meet us with a question.
We desire comfort and assurance:
And You respond with challenge.
We gather here to worship You:
And You reply
“Follow Me.”

Jesus we come before You today
Weary from following
Weary from carrying
Weary from wondering and wandering.
Our world seems to be tearing itself apart
Mother does seem pitted against daughter
Father does seem estranged from son.
Is this what You meant when You said
I come not to bring peace
But to bring a sword?
O Jesus, we don’t know what to make of this.
We don’t know what to make of our world.
The litany of violence, pain, and injustice is too long.
From the streets St. Louis and the murder of Michael Brown
To the genocide and ethnic cleansing in Syria and Iraq
To the fighting over land in the Ukraine and Gaza–
It feels as though the Gates of Hades are prevailing.
O Jesus
We say You are the Word made flesh
A glimpse of the Living God walking among us.
Today we come with sighs too deep for words
And hearts too heavy to hold alone.
Hear our prayers.
Fill this sanctuary with
Your love
Your compassion
Your courage.
Remind us that we are to embrace the questions
And live into the answers.
For in following You
We know that violence is not the last word spoken
Death is not the end
And resurrection brings transformation we cannot even dream.