Before I write

Before I post

Before I share

I often sit with–and over-sit with what to “put out” in the air.

There’s so much noise pointing at and out rather than exploring the complexity we humans live in.  

And then today

today I just don’t have the patience to sit and ponder.

I’m frankly mad.

Mad at our two-sided


way of being.

Between Uganda and Arizona, how could I feel differently?

Honestly, when it comes to Arizona I find myself thinking–

why not pass the law allowing discrimination?

That way I would know where to shop and stay and eat.

I mean–don’t businesses discriminate subtly?  This way at least we’d know.  It’d be there in ink.

It names it for what it is.

And we can stop trying to pass it off as a “free market” thing.

It’s not about free market at all–

free market is all about wanting to do MORE business–sometimes as too great a cost to humans.

This way It would be right up front…

Our business would rather not engage in commerce

than serve x, y, or z…

Okay…thanks for sharing.

I will choose the shop around the corner.