Whether you’ve been together a couple of years or many years….

Whether you’ve lived separately or together…

Whether you’re in a heterosexual or a same sex relationship…

Whether you’ve never been married before or this is your second or third time…

Premarital Counseling is a gift to give yourselves and your relationship. 

You might be wondering why anyone would want to participate in premarital counseling—isn’t it just a “test” that clergy put you though to see if you’re a good fit?  Or is there some test related to sex?  Perhaps it’s always seemed like a way to get people to join a faith community. 

Contemporary premarital counseling is much less about rules, regulations, or membership, and much more about creating an intentional space to cultivate your couple culture.  Premarital counseling is like research and preparation you do before venturing to a foreign country.  Because in many ways—each marriage is just that—a foreign country.  It is a country that will be settled by the two of you.  Its culture will be created and generated by the two of you.  Premarital Counseling is the time to have intentional conversations about what really matters to each of you in the presence of a third person that can help each of you. 

 Premarital counseling also provides you with a person to help you keep your eyes on the marriage—ultimately that is what your wedding day is about—your marriage.  In today’s consumer driven world, it is easy to get lost in the whirlwind of wedding upgrades and additions.  Premarital counseling becomes a grounding place for the two of you to share your hopes and desires—for your marriage and then to be specific about how those hopes and desire can be lived out on your wedding day.  With an idea of your values, a budget, and a third party to assist you in reaming true to your intentions, the two of you can sail through the whirlwind toward your destination of marriage.

 As you move toward your destination, premarital counseling will also assist you in what to bring with you from the past.  In addition to the whirlwind of the wedding industry, weddings tend to stir up storms in your families of origin.  Weddings are big moments for the whole family, and well meaning relatives often have well-meaning pieces of advice to assist you in your big day.  Premarital counseling is a place for you and your beloved to share openly about these challenges.  It also provides safe space for the two of you to discuss what traditions and rituals to bring into your new territory and which traditions you wish to bless and release. 

 If you are engaged, give yourself and your relationship, the gift of premarital counseling.  To learn more about premarital counseling and to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact me.


Premarital Counseling