Counseling in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

You follow the rules, read the advice on blogs, and plan ahead. Life still hasn’t turned out the way you planned.  It seems like you’re treading water rather than moving forward or floating.  When you look at your co-workers and your friends, you think their lives seem to flow forward effortlessly.  You find yourself looking out the window and thinking, “if only…”

If you feel stuck in your life, I will help you recognize the patterns within yourself and your relationships that lead you to feel trapped, confused, and defeated. Through integrating psychological and spiritual principles, I create safe space for you to awaken your hope and discover your compassion, creativity, curiosity, and courage. Come and be refreshed at The Well. Together we intentionally pause and listen to the wisdom inside of you. Once choice enters your landscape, change becomes possible.

Megan Malick, MDiv, MFT, CCTP

Megan Malick, MDiv, MFT, CCTP

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Premarital Counseling

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